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Personal Profil:
your personal Profil is necessary to use all the functions like following other users, chatting with them or most important, liking their outfits.

Latest outfits:
under this category you will find all the outfits chronological listed by the date of release.

Most liked outfits:
under this category you will find the 10 most liked outfits.

"ootd" stands for "outfit of the day". Every day the outfit with the most likes will be calculated based on the mid-european timezone. Every week (monday-sunday) your outfit can only be once the "ootd".

"ootw" stands for "outfit of the week". Every sunday at 12 pm (mid-european time) the outfit with the most likes in this week will be "outfit of the week". Every outfit can only be once "ootw" within a month.

here you have a chronological listing of all the registerd members.

the timeline is only visible if you are a registered user. The timeline will show all the members your are following and the latest posted outfits.

here you have the opportunity to browse through everything you search for. For example in all outfits, blog posts or members.

here you only search inside the tags the user has given in the outfit post.

Postbox/private Message:
here you have the opportunity, to chat with other users. A groupchat is under construction.

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